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Stock Market Cycles, Intermarket Movements, Psychology and how not to be "an Average Investor&q

Hi Folks!

I did a webinar "Understanding Stock Market Cycles, Intermarket Movements, Market Psychology and the "Average Investor" over the weekend.

Make sure you watch all 3 videos, you WON'T REGRET it. Especially part 3, turns out that QuantZombies has a weird beatbox and rhyme.

Whether you are a technical trader, or a fundamentals investors, or economist; I try to bring it all together to form a basis that can help fill in the gaps of knowledge that those 3 market participants tend to overlook. In my whole investment journey as a day trader to professional equities analyst to quant researcher, I distill some key ideas here that were the most useful in framing the major moves of the market.

If you are wondering how I caught the bottom of the market THE DAY BEFORE THE ACTUAL BOTTOM while many fundamental guys were bearish, this will help to let you see somethings many overlook.

Below are 3 videos done back to back for the webinar, I attach these free for your viewing. Comment below what you thought, what other topics you want to see.

Part 1 of Webinar: Stock Market Cycles, Market Psychology and "the Average Investor" (1 hr)

The educational video includes:

1) Ideal Business Cycles x Intermarket moves

2) The Psychology of the "Average Investor" in market cycles

3) Historical Performance of the Average Investor and why they don't perform.

4) Differences between smart money and dumb money in the market cycle

5) How do you trade closer to "smart money".

After you see this video, you will start to realize how you can greatly improve you technical analysis and fundamentals in major cycles by adding in this dimension into your analysis.


Part 2 of Webinar: The Market Outlook for the week of 20 Apr 2020. (1 hr)

This outlook video includes:

1) Why I thought there was a major bottom 3 weeks ago, the day BEFORE the actual bottom occurred.

2) My thoughts going forward, including that a pullback is likely, however, the lows will likely not be retested. (And not for the reasons that the other YouTube commentators think)

After you see this video, you will start to realize how you can greatly improve you technical analysis and fundamentals in major cycles by adding in this dimension into your analysis.


Part 3 of the Webinar: Market Outlook Q&A (15 mins)

This Q&A video includes my answers to questions such as:

1) I sold at the bottom and missed the 20% move, what do I do?

2) What do I think of the technicals of STOR?


Be encouraged

Alright guys, I've worked almost 50 hours with 9 hours rest in between preparing the webinars, the content, uploading to YouTube, going through the live webinar itself etc. It's time to crash.

Last piece of advice.

In a bottoming crisis stock market, you have to eliminate your fear and your greed. It's not easily done. If you a lot of red in your portfolio, you have to completely forget about it, and instead think about what you have learnt in the process.

Ask yourself how did you feel before you sold at the bottoms? Why did you rush back into the market?

If you could be TRADING against yourself, what would you have done?

If you are Christian, remember the promise you have in-Christ.

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. (Romans 8:15)

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (2 Tim 1:7)

When you are in fear of further loss, in condemnation of mistakes already made, you must retreat into your deepest identity, you must retreat into your Sonship of your Father. In that secret place (Psalm 91) (YES, your sonship allows you to retreat into that secret place), ask God for boldness, to be free of the shackles of fear and condemnation and for self-discipline. Other Bible translations cals self-discipline "sound mind" instead.

Rethink your investment strategies. Ask God to lead you to good resources. Rethink your purpose in life. Center your intentions towards God's purposes for the world.

With the right purpose, with the right resources Father God has for you, your good works will abound. (2 Cor 9:8)

God bless,

The QuantZombie.

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