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A Mix of Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment with a touch of Quant

See how our silver model as it measures the probability of  major tops and bottoms.


"A Quantitative Market Timing & Valuations Think-tank Blog"

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Identifies the major bottom and tops of the spot silver price. Utilizing a variation of intermarket analysis, market cycles and statistical arbitrage.


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QuantZombie was born after seeing many loved ones lose significant amounts of money in recent market bubbles and wanting to do something about it. This started a multi-year journey to figure out when major bubbles were in danger of popping or when markets were forming major bottoms.  


At the moment, QuantZombie is a Think-Tank in which team members learn, share and develop various statistical, quantitative of valuation models and trades. We strive to develop uncommon but intuitive methodologies to determine cycle tops and bottoms including disciplines like Intermarket Analysis, alternative measurement of sentiment, technical, econometrics as well as variables unique to that particular asset class. 

Please see our write up on our QuantZombie Silver ReVAL Model as an example of localized major bottom detection in both deflationary and inflationary primary trends. Note that these signals are not based on price pattern or technical analysis.


* Please Note: the website is still a work-in-progress and serves, at the moment, as a blog where the founder shares his thoughts on the market or particular counters, and how to set up trades for educational purposes only.


QuantZombie TEAM

Kenneth Koh QuantZombie Analyst Quantitative Market Timing

After attending Cornell University with a concentration in Operations Research and Chemical Engineering, Ken was a full-time trader from 2007 - 2011. Despite going through the baptism of fire in the 2009 financial crisis, he managed to churn out close to 20% gains annually through a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. 

In 2014, Ken joined one of the largest retail brokerages in Singapore as a professional sell-side markets & equities analyst, specializing in both single-stock valuation and market timing on the S&P500. He is known for being one of the most requested speakers for both internal and external clients - for broad market guidance (technical, sentiment, and Intermarket analysis) 

As an ex-stock and market analyst, Ken believes the most important element is to maximize certainty in how we trade and to put the odds in our favor when we take a shot. He firmly believes that to outperform the market, one has to do things differently than most, or have uncommon tools. He believes in collaboration, and - QuantZombie: Quantitative Market Timing & More was born.

Presently, Ken is not actively trading the markets and is taking time off to write his book, "The Eczema, The Abyss, and The Redemption." This book is about his journey of losing almost everything due to over 20 years of the worst of eczema that dermatologists labeled as the top tier of severity. Since the age of 9, the eczema continually worsened every year till the age of 40, which doctors had no answers for. Then, after most people had counted Ken out, God generated a miraculous recovery at the late age of 40. This book is a Christian testimony and a sharing of all the spiritual lessons to generate hope in a hopeless situation that seems too long.


Once in awhile, Ken writes interesting ideas he sees in the financial markets, for fun.



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