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How to Interpret:
QuantZombie Silver ReVAL Major Top / Bottom Quant Indicator

Chart 1 shows the major bottoms in spot silver prices that our QuantZombie Silver ReVAL Major Top / Bottom Quant Indicator has identified since 1975.


"Bottoms" are defined by the quantitative conditions defined in Chart 3. (At least +20% in one year, and +60% in 4 years, max downside from purchase is -15%)


We did not highlight the tops at the moment because our interest at the moment is to figure out when the gold / silver decline will end. Other analysis confirms the deflationary trend.

Chart 2 is the actual QuantZombie Silver ReVAL Major Top / Bottom Quant Indicator.


The more positive the reading the "cheaper" silver is. The closer the reading tends towards 3 increases the chance of a intermediate reversal that can last at least a year.


The more negative the reading the "more expensive" silver is.

We took the liberty to calculate the % probability of acheiving the bottom conditions as defined here in Chart 3 should you take the trade at this point in time.


For instance, if you purchased silver at spot prices in this backdated example on 27 Nov 2015, you would roughly have a 12% chance of the rewards as stipulated. We deem a buying signal at a probabiity of 50% or more, and a buy at this critical point will likely outperform most other asset classes.


At this signal level, a buy signal has a false positive rate of 1%.

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