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Learning Courses

Learn how QuantZombie uses fundamental analysis++ to outperform the markets through stock picking. This is an introduction to fundamental analysis, but using a dive into a currently investable idea as a case study!

3 sessions of 5 hrs lessons each. Each sesson is anchored by a deep dive into one current potentially undervalued investment idea while teaching the minimum of basic fundamental analysis to reach a valuation, risk, and reward.  

Get an introduction to Value Investing, or Fundamental Analysis while getting 5 potential stock picks!

Then learn how QuantZombie uses selected advanced, proprietary technical analysis++ in order to confirm stock-picking as well as picking out major stock market tops and bottoms to confirm the economic cycle.

2 sessions of 5 hrs lessons each. 

For beginners to get to intermediate as fast as possible.

For those who have ambitions to manage their retirement funds themselves and get a deeper understanding of how the stock market works.

If you finish all 5 sessions of fundamental++ and technical ++, you qualify for the QuantZombie Ultimate Alpha - a 5 hours session where I teach things you won't find in a textbook that led to my outsized performance of 30% CAGR without leverage from 2016-2017 when I managed the QuantZombie Alpha fund.

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In the works.


In the works

QZ Intro. to Technical Analysis (with expert tips)

You've heard of technical analysis. You've seen traders on YouTube show you all sorts of overbought, oversold indicators, momentum indicators, trend following methods, and subjective support and resistance. I started my career as a day trader and found that some things work better than others on SPECIFIC asset classes and markets. No one indicator can work on multitudes of markets, a person claiming that likely hasn't analyzed the performance over a robust amount of time frames. 

When I became a markets and equities analyst, I started to see how you could combine technical analysis with other discipliness to get a better sense of market turns. In other words, technical analysis can be filled with things that seem useful but isn't, but when used the right way can confirm market turns, see how different asset classes can influence each other.

I focus on teach those same basics, but combine it with sentiment analysis, intermarket analysis and expert tips on how to get a sense of the probability of a major bottom in price. I also will touch upon sector rotation and the role of the FED in the last couple bull/bear markets.

I also focus on behavior charactoristic and more predictive to major asset classes like the S&P500 and Gold/SIlver.

When if you sign up for this, you aren't just paying for an intro. to technical analysis, you are paying for how I used those basics and added some unique non-technical indicators to verify those signals to successfully catch the major bottom in the GFC in 2009 and the COVID crash in 2020.

This course is on my wish list will likely be available 2H of 2022.

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In the works