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"I attest the QuantZombie Alpha Fund had a performance of 35% CAGR (handily beating the benchmark of STI of 11% CAGR). The QuantZombie Alpha Fund’s long-biased comparable performance without leverage underscores Kenneth’s capabilities as a stock picker and market timer. I wholeheartedly endorse his abilities as a trader, investor or stock market educator."

Aveline Chan. Ex-CEO. Knightgate Asset Management Pte Ltd, Singapore.

"You start to realize having a CAGR of 35% per year without leverage isn't impossible, and he shows you how he does it. Starting from the ground up, he gives his real-time application of this knowledge, the holistic approach of risk tolerance, valuation, cash flow, and high convictions plays to help you make construct a model portfolio that suits your needs and helps you achieve your individual financial goals.

In addition, not only does Kenneth have an exceptional track record of catching bottoms, he provides real-time thinking of why he thinks a bottom has occurred. 
You will be equipped with the confidence to ignore the news, go against the grain of what some analysts say, and gain insight into the mind of 0.1% of technical analysts that could catch both the GFC and Covid-19 crisis bottoms.  


This is what separates Kenneth's technical analysis course from the rest. He provides a rationale behind his high conviction plays, as he combines the concepts taught in this fundamental analysis course to help you sleep well at night. You will be well supported in this journey. I strongly recommend both his fundamental and technical analysis++ course."

Aldric Khoo. MSc (Biomedical). Age 22.

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