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Why have QuantZombie Ultimate Alpha include a deeper look into the Bible? 


If you made it through Session 1-to-5, congratulations!

Those parts in the Advanced Technical Analysis++ (not found in textbooks but by experimentation and journal reading) saved me a big chunk of my investment savings over my lifetime.

Now comes the ultimate.

I mean, the next session is the ultimate session.

The next session will be all the stuff that I couldn’t learn from any textbook or public information that I used to generate Alpha.


I’m calling this the Ultimate Alpha session.


This session is ONLY available for those who have finished Session 1 to 5, and you must be invited to this Session 6. (Also, after you’re done, you must promise to spread the word to at least 3 of your friends about this stock market cycle if you found what you learned here valuable. 😊 )

Session 6 will include some of my “secret sauce” in order for me to either find good trades, get a sense of when the bear market is coming (before it happens), and also to find potential major bottoms in the stock market before it happens.

If you’ve been following me for the last 2 years, I amazingly nailed the COVID crash bottom the day before the actual bottom in March 2020. Crazily, this was not the first time I did it. I first did it in March 2009 catching the absolute bottom Month in the Great Financial Crisis, that’s why I could do it again. I plowed heavily into the markets while analysts were still quite bearish. In March 2020, a major research house thought there could be a further 20% drop in the market the days before the bottom. In March 2009 I saw the same phenomenon. Some analysts were still bearish. One analyst predicted the stock market would go sideways for 5 years.

The point is that the bottom of stock markets is never obvious and the success rate of professional analysts nailing the bottom is not high.

Those that know how to catch a bottom won’t tell you in public.

So, I’ll share what I did in 2009 to catch that bottom of the bear market.

I’ll also share major signals that pre-empt a bear market before it happens.

Honestly, if an investor can get a sense of the stock market cycle top and bottom, that is probably the most important thing to know in an investor’s life.

On top of this, I’ll also be sharing other smaller Alpha tidbits, like how to “scuttlebutt” to get a hint of how some companies might perform and how to find the better analysts to read.


Finally, and this is honestly most important.


You can’t make major, life-changing money without being able to i) check your fears and your greed, ii) to think rationally when everyone around is fearful and greedy, iii) to see things slightly differently to how the professional analyst and strategists see things (because they are often too late calling for bottoms and tops).

My biggest bets that have paid off occurred when I was walking in the purposes of God and understanding the wisdom and blessings that comes because of Christ. In those moments, money stopped being my God. God was my God. Because of that I could i) temporarily lose my fears of losing money and lose my greed of making too much and ii) obtain binah wisdom to see things differently.

I cannot stress the need for God’s discernment and wisdom in stock investing because EVERY stock market cycle is different. The same techniques used in the last bear and bull market might not work the same way, and we need God to close the gap.

Hence, I will start with the sharing of my testimony, and teaching on how the blessings of binah wisdom is found in the person of Christ, activated when we diligently work faithfully with our hands and learn to be competent and competent on Earth (chokmah).

So I will start with a sharing of my journey (how I recovered from an incurable disease, and how God gave me the idea to find that bottom in 2009), and a revelation of Christ that made me realize that Binah wisdom can be found for every believer today.

The Biblical figures of Joseph and Solomon are arguably the greatest proto-fund managers and traders in history.

Joseph had "wisdom" and "discernment" from God to know a famine was coming, in step with God's plan and timing, and skilled himself with all sorts of skills to be able to make the greatest trade I've ever seen (buying grain at the cheap and then selling those grains when the price skyrocketed such that people exchanged houses, land and themselves as indentured service for those grains).

Solomon was blessed with "wisdom" and "discernment", and became king of Israel during it's most prosperous phase in history. It is estimated that Solomon's personal wealth he managed totaled over $100B USD while Israel was a trading hub.


The Bible also speaks of a time where there will be wealth transfer between the wicked and the righteous.

Isn't that something we should ponder over? 

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