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The Complete Investment++ Analysis Course with current investable ideas Syllabus! 

Session 1 Fundamental Analysis++ Part 1.

Key Case Study: How Stock X worth 80% more in 4 years? (Stock X)


  1. Introduction to economic cycles and sectors

  2. Introduction to financial analysis

    1. Example of a top-down and bottom-up approach

      1. Macro themes (Technology growth)

      2. Company-specific: introduction to quarterly statements (10Q) and annual reports (10K)

  3. Introduction to free websites to obtain relevant financial data

  4. Quick Introduction to financial statements

    1. Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow Statement.

    2. How are they related?

  5. Introduction to earnings-based Valuation

    1. Intuitive, simple ways to measure the “cheapness” of a stock.

      1. Comparisons to other asset classes

      2. Basic ratios: PE and P/FCF (Based on hypothetical business)

    2. Rules of thumbs on how to value:

      1. Defensive Stocks. (Consistent, predictable earnings in most situations)

      2. Cyclical Stocks. (Oscillates with certain cycles)

      3. Secular incline and secular decline stocks. (Increasing in demand or going obsolete)

    3. What if earnings are inconsistent?

      1. Simple Discounted Cash Flow model.

  6. Building the story: Stock X.

  7. A deeper dive into the Income Statement (A snapshot)

    1. Dissecting Stock X’s income statement

    2. Calculate gross and net margins, PE ratios.

  8. Hands-on: Build a simple DCF on Stock X to see the potential reward to risk, and how undervalued it is.

  9. Introduce Margin of Safety: Under Intrinsic Value.

  10. Q&A

Total Time (5 hrs)

Session 2 Fundamental Analysis++ Part 2:

Key Case Studies: How Stock U and V are Deep Value and may have 40% gain in two years with high margin of safety?


  1. Build the story: Stock V.

    1. What does it sell? Integrate macro picture. Estimate effects of corporate actions. Spotting earnings catalysts or risks.

    2. Familiarize with earnings presentations, 10Q, and 10Ks.

  2. Deeper dive into the Balance Sheet

    1. Define major terms line by line using Stock V’s current Balance Sheet

    2. Calculate asset-based valuation ratios: EV, EV/EBITDA, PE ex-cash.

  3. Hands-on: Build a DCF on Stock V using both forward earnings and balance sheet additions.

    1. Determine how undervalued V is.

  4. Build the story: stock U.

    1. How does it make money? Estimate effects of corporate actions and economic trends. Spotting earnings catalysts or risks.

    2. Familiarize with earnings presentations, 10Q, and 10Ks.

  5. Deeper dive into the Balance Sheet

    1. Define major terms line by line using Stock V’s current Balance Sheet

    2. Calculate asset-based valuation ratios: EV, EV/EBITDA, PE ex-cash.

  6. Hands-on: Build a DCF on Stock U using forward earnings and balance sheet additions

    1. Determine how undervalued U is.

  7. Q&A

Total Time (5 hrs)

Session 3 Fundamental Analysis++ Part 3:

Key Case Study: A defensive 20%-40% upside with a high margin of safety? (Stock Y)


  1. Basics of the Utility sector

  2. Build the Story: Stock Y

  3. Deeper Dive into the Cash Flow Statement

    1. Define major terms in the Cash Flow Statement

    2. Calculating Free Cash Flows

  4. Putting it all together: Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements

    1. How are they related to each other?

    2. Why does net income not the same as cash flow?

    3. Explain hypothetical changes in all three with examples.

  5. Hands-on: Build a DCF on Stock U using forward earnings, balance sheet and cash flow statement additions

    1. Determine how undervalued Stock Y is.

  6. Q&A total

Total Time (5 hrs)

** Congratulations! If you have finished Session 3, you would have had 3 potential tradable investment ideas (with double-digit gain potential now) that will more than makeup for whatever you paid for this course. These types of ideas are how I managed to obtain a 30% annual gain while the benchmark was 11% when I was advising on a fund. As a bonus, you got the Introduction to Fundamental Analysis: a practical introduction to different sectors, the economic cycle and the financial statements to those tradable ideas as well. :) 

Now it gets better: The next 2 sessions will add another “++” to the fundamental analysis++. I will teach technical analysis in a way to relate it to the fundamental analysis we’ve been doing.

Session 4 Technical Analysis++ Basic:

Bonus Idea: An unloved defensive with +80% potential? Stock Z. (30 mins)



  1. A look “under the hood” of the financial industry. Surprising stats about financial “experts”, fund performances and professional analysts. (Trust me, this will surprise you and save you a lot of money in the long run alone) (20 mins)

  2. Basics of Technical Analysis

    1. Theory of Price (10 mins)

    2. Support / Resistance (10 mins)

    3. Momentum/Overbought/Oversold Indicators (30 mins)

    4. Moving Averages (20 mins)

    5. Popular Candle Stick trading patterns (30 mins)

    6. Consolidations / Reversal Patterns (20 mins)

    7. Price projections (with real-life examples) (20 mins)

    8. Statistical success rates of some “popular” patterns (15 mins)

    9. A simple trend trading system (20 mins)

    10. Putting it together: Doing Technical Analysis on Stock U, V, Y, and Z.

    11. Bonus: I give you a back-tested trading strategy for Gold. (45 mins)

    12. Q&A total (30 min)

Total Time: (5 hrs)

Session 5 Technical Analysis++ Advanced:


  1. How to incorporate sentiment and contrarian indicators.

    1. COT

    2. OEX put/call ratio

  2. Specific application to the S&P500

    1. Optimized long term trend strategy

  3. Introduction to Intermarket Analysis

    1. Are Bonds, Commodities, and Stocks related?

    2. Hands-on: Building Intermarket Charts on

  4. Introduction to Sector Rotation

    1. Hands-on: Finding data for Sector Rotation on

  5. Seasonality

  6. Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory

    1. Basic principles

      1. Explaining the basic essence behind the controversial theory and how to use it practically.

      2. Retracements and Fibonacci numbers.

  7. Introduction to P and F Charts

    1. Using the powerful P&F scans to find trade ideas!

  8. Leading Indicators: Breadth Indicators (and where to find them!): (30 mins)

    1. $NYA200R

    2. Bullish Percent

  9. Q&A

Total Time (5 hrs)

Session 6 QuantZombie Ultimate Alpha++ Expert

This final session is by INVITE ONLY, and invitees must have completed the first 5 sessions (fundamental analysis++ and technical analysis ++) to qualify.

Revealing my "secret sauces". my best strategies thought processes, and personal journey were not found in the first 5 sessions that led to outperforming the benchmark (30% QZ Alpha Fund vs 11% STI)

Click here to read "The Reason why Session 6 includes a deeper look into the Bible", it contains why I crafted Session 6 and why Biblical principles greatly helped me become a significantly better investor.

Present Study: A Look at the S&P500 today (Bull or Bear?)


  1. Bible Sermon: How Biblical Principles that made me a better investor. (30 min)

  2. Bible Sermon: How Binah wisdom from Christ led me to develop my model to catch the major bottom of the 2009 GFC before the professionals thought so. (30 min)

  3. How I used advanced technical analysis and the "secret sauce" to estimate the chance of a major market bottom forming. (1 hr)

  4. Major signals that tell us a bear market is coming before the economy goes in recession (leading and lagging indicators) (1 hr)

  5. Three methods of how to find high potential ideas to start researching on as a retail investor. (30 mins)

  6. Scuttlebutt: How to get hints if a company is going to do well . (30 mins)

  7. Q&A and feedback. (1 hr)

Total Time (5 hrs)


Session 1: Fundamental Analysis++ Part 1 with Stock X investment idea. 

Session 2: Fundamental Analysis++ Part 2 with Stock U and V investment ideas.

Session 3: Fundamental Analysis++ Part 3 with Stock Y investment idea.

Session 4: Technical Analysis++ Basic with Stock Z trading idea.

Session 5: Technical Analysis++ Advanced.

Session 6: QuantZombie Ultimate Alpha++ strategies. (only available when packaged as a whole)

Sessions 1 to 5 are at $650 SGD per session.

Complete Package (Session 1 to 6) at $3,300. 

You might notice the prices here are higher than is typically found in other places. The reason is that I am not teaching straight out of a textbook or using old examples. Each lesson comes with analyzing a current investable idea that I have been studying for weeks. You aren't paying to learn a couple of ratios or methods. You are paying for the countless hours researching through hundreds of stocks to shortlist a few that fit a particular requirement... that is, it's undervalued and has a good chance of beating the broad indices this year. If my thesis is correct, the stock idea could potentially pay for your entire course fee, which is what I am hoping for you.

Then, I am custom tailoring the principles of fundamental analysis and technical analysis to understand the investment idea of that stock. This is to help shorten your "motivation" curve, to drive home important concepts while not getting lost in the weeds.

In short, I'm not just teaching you some fundamental analysis and some technical analysis, I'm teaching you which methods are better to use to value different stocks, sharing the intangibles of stock selection... from how to find good ideas, to showing how to create a story to an investment idea. Topping all of this education is five case studies that might be investible today.

There aren't automated courses for those intangibles.

I'm not going for quantity, but quality and will be capping each session at the first 8 people.


PDFs of slides will be provided as well as supplementary datasheets.

The course entitles each participant to two half-an-hour one-on-one Zoom appointments to ask any question outside of the course day itself.

Those who sign up for the full course will receive all the trading ideas straight away, even before that session is due.

The lessons also come from my perspective as a markets and equities analyst that did some quant work, and from my experience of beating the markets as a professional fund advisor. 80% of the content you see here might look the same as from cheaper courses, but it's the 20% that is different that makes all the difference. Click here for a sample of my publically published work that has made investors significant money.


Billing: We don't want to set up automatic billing yet.

If you would like to join this learning journey, send us an e-mail at entitled "QuantZombie Complete Investment Course" to reserve your spot. Please indicate your full name and preferred email address. We will send you the payment details. Once payment is settled, your spot will be reserved!

If you are a full-time student or experiencing financial difficulties and can't afford the full price, but really feel you need to join this class, please e-mail me directly and we'll work something out.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Koh (CMT)

Ex-Markets and Equities Analyst, Ex-fund advisor.

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