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The "Adding nuance to using Price-to-Book ratio in Stock Valuation" Webinar (1:00pm - 2:30

Hi folks! Are you ready for this week's webinar? I'm ... not ready yet... but will be when it comes this Saturday!

The Webinar consists of 2 parts and homework to be done before:

Homework: Watch the "Ideas to properly use the Price-to-Book ratios" video (Part 1) 30 mins. and (Part 2) 30 mins before this Saturday's Zoom Webinar. I thought it easier for learning to pre-record them so that you can watch at your leisure, pause the video at times to digest information. The video links are below.

Webinar Details

When: 2nd May 2020

Time: 1 pm - 2:30 pm Singapore Time

1) The QuantZombie Market Outlook/Chat 20 mins. 1:00 pm.

2) Q&A about the P/B video or related topics. 30 mins 1:20 pm.

We have a special guest in attendance - ex-Head of Phillip Securities Research, Joshua Tan. So prepare some interesting questions for him!

I'll stay till 2:30 pm if there are more questions, or just want to "hang out".

Here is the Zoom link to the Market Update and Q&A of this week's Webinar.

Everyone stay safe!

Video 1: "Ideas to properly use the Price-to-Book ratio" video (Part 1) (about 30 mins)

Video 2: "Ideas to properly use the Price-to-Book ratio" video (Part 2) (about 30 mins)

See you this coming Saturday! Invite your friends.


The QuantZombie with stressed-out sheep on his table.

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