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Our QuantZombie Alpha fund is up 36% YoY with no leverage. Yay!

I'm pleased to announce that our very first fund, the Quantzombie Alpha fund is up 36% YoY with zero leverage, since inception last year, 9 March 2016.

I guess that means I'll still be around next year.

A discretionary fund, we stock-picked, traded commodities and used market-timing to outperform the benchmark STI (Straits TImes Index - 10% YoY) as more than 50% of our exposure was to Singapore stocks. We has an average-time weighted cash position of 30% in the year, with no leverage. We used a combination of deep value-investing (usually cash-rich, high dividend paying stocks at low valuation with a reasonable business moat) using fundamentals for stocks and a quant-driven approach for commodities. We also increased and decrease exposure based on broad market activity as well as technical setups on the individual stocks.

We are pleased to do so with no leverage, and was almost always at less than 90% stock exposure, always keeping extra cash just in case we timed it wrong.


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