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Our top picks this year ET and VST outperformed the bearish market by a whopping average of 35%.

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned VST and ET as the defensive value alpha plays that I said would "most likely" outperform the market this year. I remember telling one of groupmates during the Zoom market outlook, "don't worry, ET and VST will be the new HPQ," because he lamented not buying HPQ last year as it grinded higher and higher through the year.

I continued to recommend to hold on to ET despite great bearishness in the markets.

Many clients have called me to thank me because I saved them lots of money this year.

Today, the markets were quite red. Growth stocks were tanked. NFLX down 35% on bad news. Para down 8% on no news. RBLX down 8% on no news. However both ET and VST continued to grind higher. Congratulations for those who picked some up. The $SPX is down about 8% this year, and ARK is down 40% this year. VST and ET are up 20% and 35% respectively. That's an outperformance of +28% to +43%. Underscoring this is that we've been generally in a bearish market the last 4 months, which makes me more thankful to God because I don't think I can find such needles in haystacks by myself.

By now, I hope you see that I don't just teach FA, TA or sentiment. I teach it as an ex-professional market analyst, equity analyst and fund manager that had a CAGR of 30% during my time. i have seen what is out there in terms of education (the basic TA and FA courses) and I find them not comprehensive enough, or taught by people that don't have a track record. My course is not geared for the day-trader that only want to see price patterns, but it's how to integrate TA into using FA properly. My course also culminates in how to measure major bottoms and tops in the S&P500 WITHOUT TA. For those that know me, you know I famously caught both the 2009 and 2020 bottoms to the WEEK. The 2020 bottom was to the DAY.

If you want to know how I find such needles in haystacks and be able to value them fundamentally. Consider signing up for my next cycle of our QuantZombie Investment Analysis++ (covers a comprehensive introduction to FA, TA and sentiment and then applying those techniques to 3 case studies). If I were to change the title of that course, it could be called "how to get better results than the average fund manager." I cover basic FA and TA, but also how to apply them properly and tricks that I learnt over my years as a successful fund manager. (30% CAGR from 2016 to 2017 - QZ Alpha Fund)

Drop me an email if you are interested in our next learning cycle.

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