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Video: Will we go into a bear market because ... Russia? QuantZombie Market Outlook (Mar 21, 2022)

Hi folks,

Here's our market outlook from Mar 21, 2022 going forward.

It was recorded 21 March 2022, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm SG/Perth.

Main Speaker: Kenneth Koh (CMT) Chief Analyst.

Guest: Joshua Tan, ex-Head of Research, Phillip Securities.

Guest: Joshua Fong, Founder, Faith and Finance Foundation Group.

We covered:

1) A recap on how we were "on the money" for the 1H22.

2) Take stock of the last couple trade ideas we posted (they did very well!)

3) We showcase how we were contrarian to many YouTube gurus, and professional technical analysts and were correct.

4) We share out most likely short-term scenario for the S&P500.

5) We share 3 potential intermediate term scenarios and our guestimated probabilities based on a combination of:

- advanced technical analysis, breadth, sentiment

- macro-economic analysis

- recent updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

6) We share some ideas how to position ourselves in those probabilities.

7) Finally, after the main presentation, a great Q&A with our two guests. They shared their investment philosophies and some current investment ideas to take a deeper look at. (KLIC, Capitaland Invest, American Tower,Ping An Insurance, ET, VST).

Part 1: Main Presentation.

Part 2: Q&A with Guests.

Take care everyone and God bless!

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